Saturday, November 8, 2014

It's Okay... (Surviving NaNoWriMo #2)

Hello all!
Take a minute to check out that little widget over there on the side of my blog, the one that shows my NaNo wordcount.
Yes, allow me to have my moment of celebration before I continue with this post.

It's Okay If You Seem A Little Crazy

Lately I've been realizing just how insane some of the things I do are. As a writer, I'm by definition a little bit mad, and that's okay. This is a reassurance to all writers, that the weird little things we do are totally okay, especially during NaNoWriMo.
 Let's begin.

It's Okay If You Haven't Finished Your Outline Yet

Yes, I will always use this .gif when talking about my unfinished outline. Believe it or not, I have writer's block when it comes to that outline, but it's okay because I am really nowhere near to the point where I got stuck. Like I said before, this story is stretching longer than I thought it would.

It's Okay To Kill Off Characters

It's totally okay. It's part of your story. You're not a psychopath, you're just an author.
Characters die. That's kind of what they do.

It's Okay To Cry About The Characters You've Killed Off

Yes, yes. Cue the ugly sobbing. It's completely normal.
Sometimes I wonder: do people like Stephen Moffat cry about the characters they kill off?
Because I sure do.

It's Okay To Get Stuck

Happens to everyone. It's totally normal to hate your plot, hate your characters, hate everything.
It's normal to hit a point where you just can't figure out how to keep going.
The important thing is that you do. Don't stop writing and wait for the writer's block to go away. Just keep writing. Even if it's horrible. Just put more words until you get unstuck.

It's Okay To Fangirl (or Fanboy) Over Your Own Book

You just met a perfect new side character.
You just wrote a scene that's pure genius.
You just hit your word count for the day.
SO FREAK OUT! You are stinking awesome and you are an amazing author (yes I said author) for having come this far. SO FANGIRL OVER YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS.

Yes this is a very encouraging post, but there are days when we just need encouragement.
Not to mention tomorrow begins the dreaded Second Week of Death.

How is your NaNo experience so far?