Tuesday, August 5, 2014

An Acraphobe on a Stepladder (Our Basest Fears, Our Biggest Foes)

We've all got them.
Everyone does.

For instance, my daddy. I remember when I was younger asking him several times, "What are you afraid of?"
His response was always the same. "I jumped out of an airplane my first time flying. Nothing scares me anymore."
I would sit there in awe and wonder what it must be like not to be afraid of anything.
As much I love my daddy, I realized what he said was not entirely true.
One night my mom, sister, and I were coming home from our youth group's Christmas party. It was later than we expected to arrive home.
And Daddy was angry. We asked him why, and he simply said he expected us to be home earlier.
He was scared something had happened to us.

We all have our fears.
We all have different fears.
For instance, I'm afraid of heights. But I lack one of the most common fears, which is the fear of public speaking (how much I fear public speaking on a scale of 1 to 10? Probable a negative 3. I love it.).
We've all got our weird little fears that just kind of hang around.
But we've also got big, huge fears, that honestly make us feel like little children again, powerless and afraid.

Fears are funny things. Sometimes no matter how many times we face them, they still hang around.

I believe we were all given fears for a reason.
Sometimes it's to show us what to overcome.
But overall, fears keep us human. They keep us realizing that we are not invincible. They keep our feet on the ground and even protect us.