Friday, August 8, 2014

Our Image, Our Idol

Why is image so important to us?
It's not even about who we are, it's about who others think we are.
It's all about showcasing what we want to be seen and hiding what we don't.
Why can't we just be real?
People are flawed and falling apart and that's what is beautiful.
The image you want to protect will become your downfall.
Trust me, I know.
You hide away all your problems and fears, thinking that "This is my issue and I will deal with it", when it's far too big for you to handle.
An image is just a cardboard cutout of ourselves that we hide behind, thinking that it's what people want to see from us.
Be yourself because you never know who might love the person you hide.
Be real with people.
Don't be loud because you think that's what people expect. Don't be quiet if the only reason is that you feel like that's what people want from you.
If they are truly worth it, they will love you for who you are, not who you want them to see.

I find I sometimes even hold this attitude towards God.
"This is my problem. This is something I can deal with. Thanks for offering to help, God, but I've got this."
I place my facade on such an altar that I elevate it above the Lord. It becomes more important to me.
But God is good. He always gently tells me, "No, child. You haven't 'got this'. If you did, you wouldn't need Jesus and you wouldn't need me."
What a fool I am to think I can hide myself away from the One who knows my every thought.
Why do I hide?
Because sometimes I don't think He cares.
But He truly does. He is good, He is gentle, and He is love.
It's only once you're honest with God and honest with yourself that you can be honest with people.
It's hard.
It's hard showing people you're not invincible and that you fall down and you break sometimes.
But not only does it help you, sometimes it helps them.
We all need to be reminded that we are not infallible. And honesty is a beautiful thing.
To me there is almost nothing more beautiful than a person finally finding the strength to be honest. To reveal their faults.
Because our God is big enough to handle our mistakes, our sins. What do we think He was doing on the Cross?

Don't hide yourself from people. Don't hide yourself from God. If you have come to Christ to be saved, in faith, you are perfect. You have the righteousness of Christ. There is nothing to be ashamed of. There is nothing wrong with who God has made you to be. You sin sometimes, but so do we all. As long as you ask forgiveness and walk with God in the Word, you have no need to idolize your image.
Image is our biggest idol. But guess what?
God is greater.

"Because it's not enough, it's not enough
Just to say that you're okay.
I need your hurt
I need your pain.
It's not love any other way."