Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Sound of Doubt (Won't Give Up On A Dream)

Memo, Nine Lashes

If I could take what I so believe in
Draping its hand in front of me with it all
And I'm ever reaching
Straight from this heart in me

It's the tallest I've ever seen it
Strange in this place of little dreams
Like a wall in my sure to be things
Standing in spite of me
It's all I ever wanted

And I won't give up on a dream
It's all or nothing
The sound of doubt I'll never need
It's all or nothing

It happens to the best of us.
We all want to give up.
You get about halfway in and all of the sudden it's just too hard.
All the odds are against you and you know it.
You seriously consider giving up.
It's easier, isn't it? 
Forget this book. I'm a horrible writer and Ill never make it anyway. Forget this blog; no one reads it anyway. Forget this whole 'sport' thing. I'm not as good as everyone else. Forget this drawing, I suck. I'm never writing another song again. It's a waste of time. Forget being an actor; I'm too fat and I'm not even pretty. Forget trying to have an adventure. It's the corner-office job for me, to be sure.
If you think you've never said any of those things, you're either lying or way stronger than most.
Even on the things we love most in this world, was want to give up. That's just the way we are. When things get hard we'd rather forget it and carry on with our lives.

I think I should give up writing sometimes.
It happens.
I'm halfway through a horrible first draft of a fantasy novel that is so far only clocking in at 10,000 words.
Versus the 80,000 words average for that same genre.
It's discouraging.
And we all get discouraged.

You've just got to decide if it's worth it. What would your life be like without that thing you want to give up? Without your music? Without acting, cheerleading, drawing, soccer, softball, writing, graphic design, whatever is it you do?
Now look at your dream. If things came out like you wanted them to, if your dream really did come to pass, what would your life be like? What could your life be like?
Exciting, isn't it?

So don't give up. Not just on a spur of the moment, 'I'm so done with this' whim. If you feel you should move on, do so.
But moving on is not giving up. 
Never, ever, ever give up.
Because you never know what you might be giving up on.