Wednesday, October 22, 2014

All the World's a Stage: Meet the Actors (NaNoWriMo Prep Post #2)

Ah, yes. One of the best parts of writing a story: the characters.
That is, when they're still fun. Before you realize how much like belligerent children they can be. *shoots an accusing glance at the cast of characters from my current work in progress*
Anyway, characters are pretty much what I get first when it comes to my stories, and I'd love for you to meet them.
Without further ado, I present the stars of the up and coming novel, The Fate Machine.

Kate "Ezzie" Thompson, AKA Katarina Angelica Francis

Kate is possibly the most central character of this novel. She is strong willed and rather selfish, with a nasty habit of lying. Hence the second name. She is a noble from the better districts of Wycombe. In the court, she was considered one of the most beautiful young ladies in the city. Her charming personality and skill as a conversationalist lent much to her popularity.
However, that was not the life she wanted.
She ran away from her home and family, taking a two week journey by foot to the unassuming district of Haddon. She lived on the streets for an additional week, unable to find work. Soon, thanks to some kindness from strangers, she found a job and a place to stay. 
Kate is brilliant. She's quick on her feet and good with people, but lacks much of a moral compass. She keeps people at an arm's length. If asked what she would die for, I doubt she could think of anything at all. She is fiercely independent and not a complainer about anything, but often forgets to take others feelings into consideration. People naturally are drawn to her, and she knows it. She's good at getting her way.

Timothy Aleric Scrope

Timothy is a really fun character. He's quiet and easily flustered, but very skillfull. He's much better at caring for people than Kate is, which helps them balance one another out. He is a mechanic, and has worked pretty much his whole life. He's smart, not instinctive. His moral compass is much stronger than Kate's, and would willingly give his life for anything he felt was in the interest of the greater good.
When he met Kate, she had just been hired at the repair shop he worked at. She had no experience, but a killer amount of drive. He immediately began to teach her about mechanics and sacrificed much of his own time to do so. The truth, which is obvious to everyone but Kate, is that he loves her.
However, when Kate's secrets begin to come to light, Timothy begins second guessing his relationship with her, and how he feels about himself. 
He's brave and smart, while still being kind. He is often indecisive and sometimes he will refuse to stand up for the sake of keeping the peace. He trusts easily, but when his trust is broken it is difficult for it to ever be earned back.

Solomon Francis Trassey

Solomon is a bit of a ne'er do well. People don't really talk to him, and he doesn't really talk to people. He's handsome, and that's about it.  No one has any real expectations for his life. He's very quiet and reserved, often tripping over his tongue when he does speak up. He is rather insecure, mostly due to the way people react to him. He has big dreams, but no one cares to hear them so he keeps them largely to himself. He doesn't feel like anyone really cares or that he can really make a difference. Overall, he's awkward and painfully shy. If people were to give him a chance, they might be surprised at just what he's capable of. He's a bit naive, but more intelligent that most take him to be.
He has problems overcoming the limits set for him by both others and himself. He's a bit oblivious, and would make a better poet than warrior.

I hope you all have enjoyed getting to meet the main characters for my NaNo novel!
Now, it's your turn. Who are your main characters? What are they like?