Thursday, October 23, 2014

Every Fairytale... (NaNo Prep #3)

Ah, Sherlockians, you were able to guess the title, weren't you?
You clever people.
The third post in my NaNoWriMo prep series: you knew it'd have to be something good.
And it is.
It is very, very good.
As Moriarty says, every fairytale needs a good old fashioned villain.
I would say I didn't enjoy writing villains,
Yes, Moriarty, you've got me there. I do like my villains.
Before I introduce the villain for The Fate Machine, let's make a quick list of what we like so much in a villain.

1) Charisma

We do love our charismatic psychopaths. They make things more interesting, and make us really think about the whole good vs. evil dynamic.
Not to mention they give the fandom something to become
obsessed with.

2) Unpredictability

We love villains because we never know what they'll do next. With most heroes (there are exceptions) we can trust them to do at least sort of the right thing. Villains, however, are much more unstable(well, the good ones). We often don't know what heinous crime they'll commit next.

3) Fear Factor

Let's admit it, we all love to see our main characters face a real challenge. We want them to go against impossible odds and win. We want them to have obstacles to face and we want them to get hurt. We want it to cost them something. Villains provide the challenges for our hero to overcome.

The bottom line is: despite all the bad things villains do, we want to see them again.

Because, let's face it. We miss them when they're gone.

Introducing: Cyrus Delamere Kidley

Cyrus will be the villain for The Fate Machine, and any of the books that might follow in the possible series.
Cyrus is a madman, but a very gentlemanly one. He enjoys things like drinking tea and watching the traffic go by on foggy mornings. He is a brilliant cook and enjoys building clockwork machines. He has a whole room in his house devoted to them.
He is only twenty four years old, but came into a large fortune and lives in one of the largest houses in Wycombe.
Cyrus believes that the world is a mess and the only way it will get better is for him to rule it. He is a friend to the common man, and will ruthlessly cut down those who oppose him. He believes the end always justifies the means.
On the outside he is just another noble. On the inside he is something much more sinister.

I hope you enjoyed this Moriarty appreciation post introduction to Cyrus! Be on the lookout for another NaNo prep post soon! Thank you for reading.